Baby Branches Tree Foundation

The birth of a child is a special moment so Bent Branches Services created this unique gift idea.
We want to ‘plant’ the seeds for a lasting memory. There are special moments in life and we want to help commemorate them by planting a tree. As the tree grows and matures, the stories and the memories will grow of this special time.

Bent Branches Services provides a certificate and an engraved plaque with your child’s name and attached to your selected tree.

Bent Branches Services provides this rewarding experience to benefit the environment we live in for a sustainable future and a portion of the total project goes towards the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation to help them continue their great work.

The roots of the gift:

1.  Consultation:  A Bent Branches Services consultant would visit the site and provide a consultation to determine tree variety, placement and any special requirements to ensure the longevity of the tree.

2.  Tree Selection:  A tree variety is selected from a list developed from the Baby Branch consultation.

3.  Perfect Tree Delivered:  The tree selected is hand-picked from our local supplier, delivered and planted in the location mapped by the consultant.

For more information and cost considerations for Baby Branches, contact Kristoffer Hay, 250-801-0695.